Telltale's upcoming Jurassic Park game taking inspiration from Heavy Rain

Telltale Game's executive director Kevin Boyle told Game Informer that the company's upcoming Jurassic Park series of episodic games would use gameplay elements similar to those found in Heavy Rain.

Apparently Universal gave the license to the company because they didn't want to see another Jurassic Park FPS. Telltale, of course, is known for its adventure games. Like Heavy Rain, Jurassic Park's gameplay will be divided between slower-paced exploratory sequences and tense action sequences controlledby quick-time events.

The game takes place immediately after the first film, but story details beyond that are pretty scarce. Telltale's currently in the midst of a season of games based on another Universal franchise,Back to the Future.

[Source:The Escapist]

Jan 10, 2011