Ted Lasso fans think Roy Kent is CGI (yes, really)

Roy Kent in Ted Lasso
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Certain Ted Lasso fans are convinced that Roy Kent is a CGI creation – and no, we're not joking.

Critic Guy Dolbey spotted the speculation brewing over on the Ted Lasso subreddit and posted it to Twitter (H/T AV Club). He captioned the first tweet: "No more Ted Lasso discourse it's time for 'Brett Goldstein is CGI' discourse". Brett Goldstein plays Roy Kent on Ted Lasso and is indeed a real person.

One of the Reddit posts in question reads: "I just started watching the pilot, and I'm up to the scene where roy is called into teds office. Am I crazy or does he look like a complete CGI character?" 

"He 100% is CGI, i swear he glows off the screen and looks like a halo character in movement and speech," someone answered, while another responded: "Thank god this tread exists... it been the biggest question I've had since I started the show ... wtf is going on? He must be CGI or something ?" 

"Roy Kent is CGI AF," another Redditor insisted. 

"The Roy Kent character looks and acts like he was dropped in from GTA. Uncanny valley for miles. There's gotta be something going on here," said another poster.

"Thank god for this thread. My husband doesn't see it...I felt like I was going crazy. Every episode consists of me analyzing Roy and I can't pay attention to anything else. His slow eye movements, blinks, and odd body movements have to be CGI! How are we the only ones seeing this?" someone else implored, and another took the conspiracy even further: "Roy is CGI as are several other minor characters (referees walking out of tunnel, some of the players fucking about in the locker room)" 

The OP then spoke for us all: "Why would they do this" 

To be extra clear, Roy Kent is not CGI – and Goldstein, who is also a writer on the acclaimed series, is nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series at this year's Emmys. If Goldstein takes home the trophy, will that convince the Ted Lasso fans on Reddit that he's real after all? Considering one Redditor apparently thinks this is when Apple will unveil their cutting edge CGI technology, perhaps not: "I bet its one of apples conditions for making the show- they get to try out their 'new CGI tech' and at the emmys theyre gonna put him up for best actor and make some surprise announcement 'he was CGI.'"

Ted Lasso is streaming on Apple TV Plus now, dropping a new episode every Friday. While you wait for the next installment in AFC Richmond's story, check out our roundup of the best Netflix shows to fill out your watchlist.

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