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art of Mabel, a mouse warrior facing against a large wolf Calamity creature
(Image credit: Wizards of the Coast / Ryan Pancoast)

Mabel, Heir to the Cragflame MTG Bloomburrow

(Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

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From Alara to Zendikar, we've seen plenty of interesting wildlife across the planes of Magic: The Gathering, but none embrace their wild side quite as much as MTG Bloomburrow.

One of MTG's best card game rivals, Pokemon TCG, has long been cashing in on the appeal of having cute critters fight for your entertainment. So, it's about time we saw a set where 'creature' really means creature. Even planeswalkers like Jace Beleren will have to undergo a furry transformation to make an appearance in Bloomburrow.

I think we've spent long enough just "aww"-ing at the promo art. Let's start burrowing through all the important details about MTG Bloomburrow like the set's release date, product range, story, mechanics, and more. Once you've set your heart on adding these fuzzy little guys to your collection, we're also here to help you find the best MTG Bloomburrow deals too.

What is MTG Bloomburrow?

art of badger, frog, mouse, lizard, bat, and mouse heroes from MTG Bloomburrow

(Image credit: Wizards of the Coast / Narendra Bintara Adi)

MTG Bloomburrow is the 101st Magic: The Gathering set released in the game’s 30-year history and yet it's also the first time ever we’ve visited the plane of Bloomburrow. Following in the cowboy boot footsteps of Outlaws of Thunder Junction, this new plane deviates from a traditional fantasy setting –  the world of Bloomburrow is one entirely inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures known as Animalfolk. 

MTG Bloomburrow release date

Moving on from our first look at Bloomburrow, the accompanying Magic Story releases July 2, giving a greater insight into the set’s story and characters. A week later, on July 9, debuts and card previews begin. These continue until July 19.

With all that hype sufficiently built, Bloomburrow finally releases August 2. Bloomburrow will not only be making an appearance on your tabletop but will also be available on MTG Arena – four days early on July 30. We’re even set to see the addition of a super cute Bloomburrow Pet that’ll watch over your battlefield (and silently judge your every misplay).

Here are the key dates to keep track of:
Magic Story releases: July 2
Debut and previews begin: July 9
Card image gallery and previews complete: July 19
MTG Arena release: July 30
Tabletop release: August 2

MTG Bloomburrow products

As a standard set, MTG Bloomburrow will consist of play boosters and collector boosters that can be bought as single packs, booster boxes, bundles, and pre-release packs. Bloomburrow’s product range also includes a two-deck Starter Kit directly geared towards those who are new to Magic: The Gathering or just want a low-cost point of entry to Bloomburrow. 


MTG Bloomburrow Starter Kit | $19.00 at Amazon
Containing two 60-card decks, this Starter Kit is primed for giving an affordable first look at the Bloomburrow set and Magic: The Gathering as a whole. Have an animal-loving friend you've been trying to convert to MTG? This should be your pick.

Buy it if:
Less than $10 a deck sounds like your kind of deal
✅ You're new to Magic: The Gathering or introducing new players players

Don't buy it if:
You primarily play Commander
❌ You want a greater diversity of mechanics 


MTG Bloomburrow Collector Booster Box | $279.99 at Amazon
This box houses 12 Collector Booster packs for a total of 180 cards. In these Boosters, you'll find gems like Rare/Mythic cards, full-art lands, Borderless cards, and Collector-exclusive foil treatments.

Buy it if:
✅ You love pretty cards
✅ You're hoping to find some valuable pulls

Don't buy it if:
❌ You're function over form
❌ You want something more affordable


MTG Bloomburrow Play Booster Box | $170.67 at Amazon
With 36 packs (504 cards total), this Play Booster Box is the most cost-effective way to get your hands on a whole lot of MTG Bloomburrow. Perfect for Limited formats like Sealed or Booster Draft.

Buy it if:
✅ You're hoping to build up a large pool of cards
✅ You're arranging a Draft with friends

Don't buy it if:
❌ You prefer having preconstructed decks
❌ You want to wait and buy singles 


MTG Bloomburrow Squirreled Away Commander deck | $40.43 at Amazon
Squirrel creatures have appeared in Magic previously (with a predictably strong presence among silver-bordered Acorn cards), but this will mark the first ever time we’ve had a totally squirrel-focused precon.

In addition to this theme, Squirreled Away will center around “hoarding” tokens. As it stands though, it’s unclear if these tokens will help buff creatures, benefit your graveyard, or just serve as canon fodder.

Buy it if:
You enjoy Golgari (green-black) color identity
✅ You find the idea of a squirrel-centered deck wonderfully nuts

Don't buy it if:
You’re not a fan of typal decks (decks focused on creatures of a particular type)
❌ You don’t play the Commander format


MTG Bloomburrow Animated Army Commander deck | $40.43 at Amazon
This raccoon-fronted deck has the appropriately chaotic description of “make trash, do smash”. My guess would be that the trash in question is either a re-skinned Junk token (like seen in MTG Fallout) or just plenty of artifacts that generate power for your board.

Buy it if:
You like a deck with lots of moving parts
✅ You’re the kind of gremlin who really relates to raccoons

Don't buy it if:
You don’t find playing with artifacts interesting
❌ You want a face Commander that’s more traditionally cute 


MTG Bloomburrow Peace Offering Commander deck | $40.43 at Amazon
Peace Offering embraces the interesting – and relatively uncommon – Commander archetype of Group Hug. Rather than aiming to crush your opponents outright, you’ll positively influence other players’ game board to win their favor and keep the game going long enough for you to pounce.

Buy it if:
You love the politics of Commander games
✅ You enjoy Commanders like Gluntch the Bestower or Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis

Don't buy it if:
You want a more aggressive deck
❌ You can’t get over how counter-intuitive Group Hug decks can feel 


MTG Bloomburrow Family Matters Commander deck | $40.43 at Amazon
Family Matters deck challenges your opponents by creating a wide board state consisting of lots of smaller creatures. It does so by creating Offspring, which presumably allows for the creation of tokens creatures.

Buy it if:
You like a versatile deck
✅ You like to overwhelm your opponents with lots of creatures

Don't buy it if:
You prefer to have big, powerful creatures
❌ You like a more focused gameplay style

MTG Bloomburrow story

Maha, an owl Calamity Beast from MTG Bloomburrow

(Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

MTG Bloomburrow is set in Valley, an area of the plane where itty bitty Animalfolk live and work in peace. That is until this serenity is threatened by the emergence of huge elemental predators who begin to sow darkness across Valley. From the avian power of Maha to the grizzly strength of Lumra, these Calamity Beasts are a fearsome opponent for the tiny inhabitants of Valley, yet they are prepared to fight to protect their home.

One of these heroes is the set’s protagonist, Mabel. This mother mouse wields a magical sword called the Cragflame, which also appears in a token equipment card of the same name. There’s also an outsider of Bloomburrow who will assist them in their fight: Ral Zarek of the Izzet League. He’ll appear very differently in this set however – through the process of planeswalking to Bloomburrow, Ral was transformed into an Otter.

It’s worth noting that Bloomburrow is also the first set of the new Dragonstorm arc. Although, until we see this arc progress further, it’ll be difficult to know about Bloomburrow ties into this larger story.

MTG Bloomburrow mechanics

The game systems at play in MTG Bloomburrow include as of yet unexplained Offspring mechanic, typal buffing, artifacts, and land matters. That’s all we know so far but this list is certain to know as we learn more about the set and gain access to new cards.

Though MTG Bloomburrow as a whole also has a typal focus, with each two-color pairing having a Animalfolk variant associated with it. 

MTG Bloomburrow spoilers

As part of Booster Fun, we’re set to receive some gorgeous seasonal variants of full art land cards, raised foil anime cards, illustrative ‘Field Note’ art treatments, and a storybook-inspired Woodland Showcase. Among these very special cards are contributions from prolific Pokemon artist, Mitsuhiro Arita and David Petersen, the creator of Mouse Guard. Another Showcase treatment featured in Bloomburrow’s boosters is Imagine: Courageous Critters, which will be of particular interest to long-time MTG fans given it transforms Planeswalkers like Jace Beleren into Animalfolk. 

MTG Bloomburrow Deals

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