These itty bitty plushies might be the cutest thing to come out of MTG Bloomburrow

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The upcoming MTG Bloomburrow set will bring enough fuzzy creatures to the planes to rival even Pokemon. So, in that same spirit, Wizards of the Coast have teamed up with WizKids to produce some adorable plushie keychains that’ll allow your cutesy combatants to accompany you anywhere.

Part of why MTG is considered one of the best card games is its epic high fantasy-inspired card art. Still, Magic has its fair share of charming little critters that’ll have players fighting the urge to say “aww” every time they tap them.

Magic: The Gathering Arena really plays into this with its Pet cosmetics, which are dinky digital pals that hang out on the side of the battlefield while you play. While they don’t serve any mechanical advantage (beyond maybe distracting your opponent with how stinkin’ cute they are), they are a nice way to add a little personality to your profile.

Now, three of the Magic: The Gathering Arena pets are being brought to life and transformed into teeny tiny merch that are available to pre-order now for $11.99. The plushie keychain pets available will include Fblthp, Rainbow Koi, and The Fisherman. However, Mabel, the pint-sized protagonist of the MTG Bloomburrow set will feature too. I have to admit that she’s my favorite –just look at those ears.

Magic: The Gathering Arena Plushie Keychains | $11.99 at WizkidsBuy it if:✅ Don't buy it if:❌

Magic: The Gathering Arena Plushie Keychains | $11.99 at Wizkids
Whether you love the cottagecore critter Mabel or the creepy cute Fisherman, these plushies make a whimsical little addition to your collection.

Buy it if:
You want a fun accessory to add to your bag or keys
✅ You have a soft spot for MTG Arena’s pets

Don't buy it if:
You’re averse to cuteness for some reason
❌ You want something bigger

While larger plushies certainly have their own appeal, these fun-sized 3-inch stuffed charms are super portable and can follow you on your MTG journey from browsing your LGS to attending MagicCon. What’s more, each plushie charm will come with a code that unlocks unique digital card sleeves featuring your pet and a discount on buying that pet in the MTG Arena store. 

If you fancy getting your paws on any of these plushie charms (and bagging their digital bonuses) make sure to get your pre-order in at your local game store or the WizKids site. They’ll release online and in-store in October 2024, though. That should give you plenty of time to perfect your ‘Mabel, Heir to Cragflame’ deck.

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