SUPERNATURAL "The Winchesters Are Playing Offence For The First Time"

SPOILER WARNING: UK viewers watching season seven on Sky Living may want to look away now.

Supernatural' s seventh season finished with Dean and Castiel trapped in Purgatory. We're pretty sure they're going to find a way out – it's the Winchester brothers, not the Winchester brother – and when they do, it looks like Sam and Dean are taking the fight to the opposition.

“For the first time in a long time, the [Winchester] boys are going to come together united on a quest of sorts," says executive producer Jeremy Carver. "It feels like they’re playing offence for the first time instead of just reacting to the universe. I think despite the fact that they jump together into that car, they are each burdened somewhat by the happenings while they were apart from each another and they have to come to terms with it. It’s really about how you relate to your brother when you’re 22, and then how you relate to him when you’re 30. It’s very realistic now.”

Supernatural's eighth season comes to US screens on the CW on Wednesday 3 October. Season seven is currently airing in the UK on Sky Living. Read more about the show in the new issue of SFX , on sale now. Supernatural features in our 24-page Awesome TV Preview bonus mini-mag, alongside all of the big new shows starting between now and Christmas.

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