Supergirl season 2: Tyler Hoechlin suits up as the Man of Steel in new image

Supergirl will be returning to the small screen later this year, and this time she'll be bringing along her cousin. Back in June it was announced that Everybody Wants Some star Tyler Hoechlin had snagged the iconic role of Superman in the CW show, and now we have our first look at TV's newest Man of Steel in costume.

Check it out below...

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As Superman costumes go, that's pretty good; I'm a little uncertain about the belt but I'm sold on everything else, and Hoechlin fills out the costume nicely. Having Superman actually be a character on the show as opposed to relegating him to IM messages and distant camera shots is a welcome change too, and it's going to be really interesting to see how well Hoechlin embodies the character. 

Superman showing up on Supergirl could also be a sign of exciting things to come; If Clark can make it to TV, then hopefully a man-sized Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego aren't too far behind. 

Season 2 of Supergirl will debut on The CW in October 2016.

Images: Supergirl/The CW

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