Superbike images are champion

Tuesday 27 February 2007
This image-burst illustrates SBK-07 Superbike World Championship, the official game of this year's superbiking competition - which includes all riders, manufacturers and tracks from the full Superbike calendar, fielding an impressive 28 riders in each race.

We've had a chance to rev the game up for a swift test ride recently, and it's a suitably deep but appealing racer. Like Tourist Trophy, Superbike World Championship boasts an imposing level of realism, but for our money it's more accessible than the Sony-published biker, mainly due to its plain-and-simple controls and a satisfying sense of kneecap-threatening speed.

Also, there's a neat Scenario feature that places you in a compromising situation - fifth place with one lap to go, and you must win, say. Plus for anyone who just wants the rubber-burning action without the brake-balance juggling tinkering, there's a novice option available. The game also hits 360, PS3 and PC later in the year, which should add some next-gen visual flair to the game's already interesting gameplay.