Super Street Fighter IV gets its new batch of DLC costumes, Sagat gets a wig

Looks like it’s time once again for Street Fighter fans to dust off their wallets and get some new threads for the characters. Capcom has announced a new batch of costumes, and as before, they’re pretty hit or miss. A lot are pretty good, while others are true “What were they thinking?” moments. Check out this video for a quick glimpse of all the new costumes in action and then we'll have a quick chat and discuss which ones are "fierce" and which ones come up "short". Now that's comedy.

M. Bison

At first you may see this Bison costume and be like “Ehh, he looks goofy” well you’re missing the fact that this costume is a direct tribute to the classic Gundam villain Char Aznable. Makes more sense now right? I also like to think that in his personal time Bison is secretly a Gundam fan who’s into cosplay.


Rufus is a disgusting blob no matter what he’s wearing, but it’s good finally seeing him wearing something a little less bizarre. Tapping into his biker back story, Rufus is looking like the classic fat American Harley fan, covered in too tight leather with his ass crack hanging out. The tribute to his girlfriend Candy on the back is a nice touch. It’s in-character and well executed,essential partsof a good costume.


Given his miserable "cornrows and diamond gloves" costume from the last set, this dapper Mad Men-esque throwback outfit is a nice change of pace. Looks like Balrog might actuallyhave a shot at Dudley's "King of Class" crown.

Chun Li

It’s been requested since the first alternate costumes were announced, so it’s nice to see Chun-Li’s sporty Alpha costume finally making an appearance. Looks like Chun-Li might be sporting some Adidias Sambas there too, nice choice!


An interesting choice for Adon that draws heavily on classic Thai design and patterns. It might be a bit too wacky for some, but it’s colorful, bold, character appropriate, and the pointy shoulder pads match his swooping hair very well.

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