Super Street Fighter IV gets its new batch of DLC costumes, Sagat gets a wig


ImaginingRyu in anything other than his gi is already a stretch, his whole thing is that he’s an eternal warrior ready to fight at the drop of a hat. Seeing as they already used battle damaged Ryu for the previous costume I guess they had to go in another direction. A Headband and tank top with a corny water pattern slapped on itshould not have been that direction. Just awful.


Usually when I pay for a costume I want either a cool idea or maybe just a snazzy, over the top outfit, this is a bad idea and an ugly pair of shorts. Abel goes to the beach. That’s it. Maybe if you squint you could pretend he’s Michael Phelps? Anything to make it less boring.


While Hakan may be Turkish, putting him in traditional Turkish garb doesn’t make a whole lot of sense seeing that most people in Turkey aren’t 500 lb bright red monster men. The baggy pants look like a huge purple diaper, the elf shoes are just way too goofy, and the fez covers up his awesome helmet hair.


By far the worst of the bunch, the idea behind Sagat’s costume is that this is “Young Sagat”, notice the lack of eyepatch and scar. Unfortunately the hair looks absolutely awful and it’s impossible not to see it as a bad wig. Sagat has been bald since the very first game; giving him hair is like shaving Guile’s head, it just looks wrong. The other problem here is that aside from the wig and the scar/eye patch removal, this is the exact same costumeSagat always wears. So instead of making a new costume, they just made an exisiting one worse.

All the costumes will periodically arrive in packs on PSN/XBL this Fall, or you can wait until they’ve all been released and scoop them up for what will likely be $18.00/1,440 Microsoft funbux. As usual I’ll prob get a few of them and then feel dirty for paying to dress up my fighters so they can look prettier. Which ones do you guys dig? Let us know in the comments!

Sep 23, 2010

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