How to answer Pauline’s quiz and find her birthday present in Super Mario Odyssey

Pauline is loitering down at New Donk City Plaza in Super Mario Odyssey's Metro Kingdom and has some questions for you. No, she’s not a police detective and they aren’t about where you were at 9.32pm last Sunday - instead they’re all about her. Self-centred much? Anyway, if you’re having trouble with the answers and which present to bring her afterwards, we’re here to help. 

What kind of music do I like? Peppy music

Which of these things did I actually do a long time ago? Captured by ape

What do I just adore? Cake

What do you think my hobby is? Going on walks

How am I doing as mayor of this city? Fantastic! 

What am I bad with? Fixing machines

What is my most treasured possession? A hat

She’ll ask you a random mixture of these questions - along with some others we haven’t encountered yet - but now comes time to bring her a birthday present. To the left of her, on a bench, is an umbrella. This isn’t the right gift for her. She’s fussy, alright? On the right of her there’s a hat, which is also a no-go. She is already wearing one, after all…

To find the correct gift you’ll have to get up a little bit higher. Warp to the Heliport, then stroll up to the edge on the same side as the iron girders. Jump down (it’s not far, don’t worry - this guide isn’t about to get morbid). On the platform there’s a pink handbag being circled by six coins. Pick this up, then run to the edge of the platform and jump down to the Plaza. Run to your right and start talking to Pauline to give her the handbag as a gift. Then voila! She’ll give you a Moon in return. 

Zoe Delahunty-Light

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