The Suicide Squad stars Idris Elba and John Cena may have just revealed which DC characters they are playing

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While we all patiently wait for DC Fandome to offer our first proper look at The Suicide Squad, teasers for the sequel/reboot/not-quite-sure-how-it-relates-to-the-DCEU movie have made their way online. And now, thanks to James Gunn, we may have hints at who some of the big-name actors attached to the project are playing.

To celebrate Gunn's birthday, the cast all posted a video of themselves wishing him all the best. First up was Margot Robbie, who made an appearance as her character Harley Quinn. Of course, we already knew she would be Harley – it's the other appearances that have everyone talking.

David Dastmalchian, best known for his role in Ant-Man, appeared in the video with colourful dots on his face – which seemingly confirms that he will be playing Batman villain the Polka Dot Man, as has long been rumoured. 

Then there's John Cena, who wields two arcade guns. "In honour of your natal day, I'm going through magazines double-fisted on Operation Thunderbolt," he says. That's as close as you get to confirmation that he's playing Peacemaker, who weilds two guns in the comics. 

Idris Elba also appears, but in slow-motion and with a very, very deep, down-tuned voice that sounds very much like a growl. Fans have long suspected he will play Bronze Tiger, which this seemingly proves. Watch below.

Whatever the case, we're bound to find out more at Fandome later this month as Gunn has already promised an exclusive first look at the movie. Just don't expect too much clarification on whether this is actually a sequel.

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