Stupidly hard-to-find promo hides some of the most tempting board game deals

Cyber Monday board game deals with Star Wars Villainous and Wingspan
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In a weird move, Amazon has hidden some of its most enticing board game deals behind a hidden promotion. Although there's an entire section dedicated to getting 3 for the price of 2 (including many big hitters and plenty of puzzles to go with them), the page link is hidden behind teeny text below the price of individual items. Which is very odd. You'd think that Amazon would want people to buy from it, right? Well, hey ho.

Seeing as these board game deals include favorites like Wingspan for $46.99 (was $65) and Mysterium for $24.99 instead of almost $55, it's definitely a discount worth taking advantage of while it's still available. And because you're getting the third item in this trio for free, you can save $20 or more in the process. Basically, the cheapest product will be discounted to nothing.

You can find the full lineup at Amazon, but seeing as it features some of the best board games on shelves right now, I've gone ahead and listed my favorites below to save you a bit of time. 

Unfortunately, this offer seems to be US only - I couldn't find a decent UK equivalent. Friends across the pond, the best offers right now are available on our Cyber Monday board game deals live blog. We're keeping it regularly updated with the most enticing price cuts.


Star Wars Villainous | $39.99 at Amazon
Save with 3 for the price of 2 deal - There isn't a discount on this new version of Villainous right off the bat, but because it's included within Amazon's promotion, you can get a game along with it for free. That's the best offer we've seen on it so far.


Mysterium | $54.99 $24.99 at Amazon
Save $30 - This co-op murder mystery is a longtime favorite amongst the tabletop community, so seeing it fall in price full stop was good enough... never mind it being part of a 3 for 2 promotion. It's only ever been cheaper once, and that was back in 2021, so this is the lowest price in months.


Wingspan | $65 $46.99 at Amazon
Save $19 - Even though that's not the game's lowest ever price, it's still pretty good and better than many of the reductions we've seen for it in the past. Plus, any chance to get this essential, family-friendly offering for less is worth capitalizing on.


Catan | $49 $29.97 at Amazon
Save $19 - This light strategy game hasn't seen a reduction this big since 2021, so the current Amazon promo offers a good opportunity to pick it up for a lot less. Nothing beats 'free', after all.


Ticket to Ride | $54.99 $29.97 at Amazon
Save $25 - This excellent family pastime has been heavily slashed in price for the sales season, and it's an essential purchase if you enjoy playing games with your loved ones over Christmas.


Sushi Go | $12.16 $6.29 at Amazon
Save $5.87 - It might not seem like much of a saving on the face of things, but that's actually Sushi Go's lowest price since 2019. As such, being able to grab it as part of a 3 for 2 offer as well is a real bargain.

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