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Street Fighter X Tekken teases two more characters

Two more trailers, released in the lead-up to this year’s Tokyo Game Show, introduce two more additions to the Street Fighter X Tekken roster in familiarly cryptic fashion. The last round of teasers threw in a little misinformation, so don't be rushin' to wrestle a conclusion from this batch of clips.

The last batch of teasers half-unveiled Heihachi and Rolento with an obfuscated shout-out to SF3's Sean on the side. These ones, without wanting to make us look like a bunch of idiots, give every appearance of confirming the Street Fighter series' bear-wrestling Soviet caricature, Zangief, along with newer Tekken fan-favorite Lily Rochefort. But then, this is a series whose most straightforward promotions involve cross-dressing and pastry-tossing, so really it's anyone's guess...

Sep 8, 2011