Street Fighter x Tekken gets two more character teasers

Here's two new character teasers for Street Fighter x Tekken, which continues to test your knowledge of the two rival franchises butting heads in the upcoming crossover. If you're unsure of who's being teased here, just scroll down to the comments section – right after the game's newly-revealed box-art – where you'll no doubt find the answers revealed by people who'll probably be beating you at the game come March next year.

Above: Here's the box-art!

Of course, inscrutable character puzzles aren't the only way Capcom's building awareness for Street Fighter x Tekken; the company's also keeping up a steady stream of public events aimed at reminding you that the development heads of Street Fighter and Tekken are both skilled brilliant game designers, skilled pretzel-tossers, and freaking crazy, like a damn fox. All things you want in a designer, right?

Sept 1, 2011