Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard shares insight into Mike and Will's future on the show

Stranger Things season 4
(Image credit: Netflix)

Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard is optimistic about his character Mike Wheeler's friendship with Will Byers, as the Netflix show prepares to start filming on its fifth and final season. More so than any other chapter, the previous installment made it clear that Will (Noah Schnapp) has romantic feelings for his long-time bestie, but as it stands, Mike is oblivious to his pal's, seemingly unrequited, affections.

"As far as the Mike and Will relationship goes, I always found it kind of funny, especially last season of Mike just being so clueless," Wolfhard told Indiewire (opens in new tab). "I would imagine Mike is going to be totally accepting of Will [though], and I really want Will to have a really happy ending. I think he will. 

"What's going to be so awesome about season five is that the Duffers are sort of trying to thread this needle of trying to get every character to have their perfect ending. So I'm excited to see what ends up happening."

Inspired by his character's journey on the hit sci-fi series, Schnapp recently came out as gay on TikTok. "I guess I'm more similar to Will than I thought," he said in the video.

"I'm incredibly proud of Noah for coming out publicly like that. I think it was so incredible and brave," Wolfhard said in the same interview.

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