The Stranger Things season 3 trailer is here and it looks like the gang is splitting up

The Stranger Things season 3 trailer is here, but I’ve got bad news: the gang is not nearly as tight as they once were. It kicks off in the summer of 1985, if that wasn’t obvious enough by the sight of Hopper’s painfully tropical shirt, the Baba O’Reilly song by The Who playing in the background, and the fact that Will, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Max, and Ellie are now lanky teens. As per usual, things aren’t going great in Hawkins - although this time it’s not just the Upside Down that’s turning things, well, upside down. 

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Yup, from the looks of the Stranger Things season 3 trailer the group of friends from the first two seasons aren’t as inseparable as they used to be, and that’s probably going to be one of the continuing themes of Stranger Things season 3. Max and Lucas are paired up, as are Mike and Eleven, which leaves Will and Dustin out in the cold. At the beginning of the trailer you can hear Mike seemingly laying into someone, asking them if they really expected to stay playing games in his basement forever. Harsh. 

But because this is Hawkins there’s also a massive fleshy monstrous mass coming to life - doubtless the Mind Flayer’s next envoy to our world, possibly in search of Eleven - an upcoming fight in a shopping mall, as well as snippets of Hopper and Joyce finally getting together. At last! Give the Stranger Things season 3 trailer a watch and just prepare yourself... we’re in for a wild and very traumatic ride.

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