Blade star Stephen Dorff hits out at upcoming MCU version: "We already did it and made it the best"

Wesley Snipes as Blade and Stephen Dorff as Deacon Frost in Blade (1998)
(Image credit: New Line Cinema)

Stephen Dorff is no stranger to slamming superhero movies, having already voiced he felt "embarrassed" for Scarlett Johansson over her fronting Black Widow back in 2021. Now, though, he's taken aim at Marvel's upcoming Blade flick, and claimed it'll never measure up to the 1998 version he appeared in with Wesley Snipes.

"God bless them, they're making a bunch of money, but their movies suck," he laughed in an interview with The Daily Beast. "And nobody's going to remember them. Nobody's remembering Black Adam at the end of the day. I didn't even see that movie, it looked so bad.

"Marvel is used to me trashing them anyway," Dorff pivoted, calling out DC's counterpart. "How's that PG Blade movie going for you, that can't get a director? Anybody who goes there is going to be laughed at by everyone, because we already did it and made it the best. There's no Steve Norrington out there."

Dorff rounded off the chat by suggesting that he'd appear in more mainstream movies "if they were good". He added: "If the one or two a year that happen don't, for whatever reason, cast me in a role, I'm not going to lose sleep over it because I wasn't one of 50 people in Oppenheimer. I mean, it looks cool, but to me, unless you're playing Oppenheimer, I don't want to be in that movie. Unless it's my friend's movie, and then I'll do a scene or pop up."

While Blade currently has no official release date, it does have its leading man locked down; Mahershala Ali, who Dorff worked with on the third season of True Detective. Aaron Pierre and Delroy Lindo are also linked to the project. French director Yann Demange, who has helmed episodes of Lovecraft Country and Top Boy, came on board, too, following Mogul Mowgli's Bassam Tariq exit.

As it stands, Blade is eyeing a 2024 release. While we wait for more information, check out our breakdown of the MCU timeline or our list of the most exciting upcoming movies heading our way.

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