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Steam sale leak reveals dates for Halloween, Autumn, and Winter 2019

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Dates have been leaked showing when Steam sales will be going live over the next few months. SteamDatabase posted the three dates on Twitter, revealing three dates of upcoming seasonal sales including Halloween, Autumn, and Winter. According to the leak, the first Halloween sale will take place between October 28 - November 1, followed by the Autumn sale running from November 26 - December 3, and finally the Winter sale which will kick off on December 19 - January 2. 

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SteamDatabase cites that the dates were sourced from "multiple developers" who apparently posted them in "multiple places." While these dates haven't been officially confirmed by the platform, the Halloween sale certainly goes in line with past sale dates in the seasonal period. We don't yet know what games will be included in the sales, but it'll no doubt include lots of horror titles so players can get their spook on for a decent price. 

There have been plenty of horror releases this year including the brilliant Resident Evil 2 Remake, as well as Supermassive games The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, Bloober's take on Blair Witch (where you must protect your doggo companion at all costs), as well as Layers of Fear 2. 

Likewise, we don't know what games will be in the upcoming Autumn and Winter sales. While we don't know what games will be in the other sales that will see out 2019, the Winter sale tends to be one of the platform's biggest sales of the year alongside the Summer and usually includes some more recent releases. Every year there are always some sizeable discounts, and sometimes even include games that have only recently come out. 

The leak does come from a reliable source, so you're probably quite safe if you want to mark them on your calendars and prepare your wallet for the inevitable spending spree. 

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