Steam Deck gets first-ever discount with 10% off all models this week

Steam Deck
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If you've been thinking of buying a Steam Deck, now's a pretty good time to pull the trigger as all models are 10% off for a limited time. This also marks the first time the Steam Deck has had its price slashed, so this is the lowest price yet across the board.

You'll find these savings over on the Steam store (opens in new tab) as part of the 2023 Steam Spring Sale, where the base model Steam Deck with 64GB of storage is on sale for $359.10, down more than $40 from its normal $399 tag. Meanwhile, the 256GB model with the NVMe SSD is going for $476.10 (down from $529) and the top-tier model that also includes an anti-glare etched glass screen is just $584.10 (from $649).

Again, this is especially significant as the Steam Deck's standard retail price has held firm since the portable PC first went on sale back in February 2022. Of course, it wasn't even possible to buy a Steam Deck without a reservation until October 2022, whereas at the time of writing it shows a shipping timeframe of 1-2 weeks. My, how times have changed.

While our Steam Deck review scored it a commendable 4.5/5 stars, and it nabbed the Golden Joystick Award for Best Gaming Hardware last year, it's worth noting that Valve has been working on the next Steam Deck since at least February of 2022. Valve had originally said the Steam Deck 2, or whatever it ends up being called, would be more "open and capable," but it's more recently tempered expectations by saying it would have better battery life but wouldn't benefit from a meaningful boost in performance.

It's always a little daunting considering a big hardware purchase when the manufacturer is already talking about plans for a better version, but these considerable savings certainly make the current, already exemplary system a solid buy. If the handheld itself burns through most of your pocket money, here are 15 great games you can get for $2 or less in the 2023 Steam Spring Sale. 

Here are the best free Steam games to download once you've got your deck, and here's our guide to the best Steam Deck docks for when you want to play on the big screen.

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