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Who should you give Kryx's Legacy to in Starfield?
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Should you give Kryx's Legacy to the Crimson Fleet or SysDef in Starfield? It's a tricky choice as it also cements your allegiance with whichever faction you choose too, causing the other to turn on you. By siding with SysDef, you stick to your double agent ways under the UC, but by going all in with the Crimson Fleet pirates, you join their ranks as a cosmic corsair. I'll take you through the consequences and rewards for each path of the Starfield Kryx's Legacy choice.

The following guide contains spoilers for the Kryx's Legacy and Crimson Pirates questlines in Starfield.

Should you give Kryx's Legacy to SysDef or Crimson Fleet in Starfield? 

Starfield Kryx's Legacy

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Essentially, whoever you pick to give Kryx's Legacy to in the Starfield Crimson Fleet questline will 'win'. If you go to SysDef and Commander Ikande you'll lead an attack on the Crimson Fleet, and if you go to the Crimson Fleet and Delgado you'll lead an attack on SysDef. You'll effectively lose the other side as one of the Starfield factions you can work with, and only be left with your choice as an ally, and their mission board. So you'll permanently become either a pirate, or a pirate hunter.

Either way you'll get 250,000 credits as a share of the legacy. 

Both Starfield mission choices largely play out the same, with an attack to defend or destroy some defensive batteries, before assaulting either the Crimson Fleet's Key, or SysDef's UC Vigilance. The final big space battle is a tough one to get through so make sure you're happy with all your Starfield ship customization choices before you try it. 

There are some minor differences between each choice however, so let's take a look in more detail. 

If you give Kryx's Legacy to SysDef

If you give Kryx's Legacy to SysDef

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If you give If you give Kryx's Legacy to SysDef you'll lead an attack on the Crimson Fleet's defensive batteries to destroy them one at a time. Depending on how much evidence you collected for Toft while working with UC SysDef you might have back up from MAST, but if you didn't get enough they won't be convinced and it's just you and SysDef. 

After taking out the three batteries you'll assault the the Key in a big space battle until the UC vigilance arrives. When it does you'll storm the Key, alone, and slowly murder your way through everyone you meet in the Crimson Fleet to reach Delgado. Along the way you'll encounter Shinya Voss and discover his bomb has been activated, opening up the optional objective to save him. 

When you reach Delgado you'll find he's activated the Key's self destruct and you'll need to Persuade him to to turn it off and give himself up - we've got some tips for Starfield Persuasion here. You'll find the computer you need to save Voss in the same room with him. 

If you give Kryx's Legacy to the Crimson Fleet

If you give Kryx's Legacy to the Crimson Fleet

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If you give Kryx's Legacy to the Crimson Fleet the mission plays out largely the same as the SysDef version, only with things flipped. You'll now have to fight to protect the defensive batteries one at a time, and then fight a massive space battle around the Key to disable the UC Vigilance. When its shields are down you'll then storm it to take out Commander Ikande.  

There's one difference with taking the Crimson Fleet's side - they'll all be there to back you up. At certain points the characters you've met will appear to fight with you, or offer you a choice of how to proceed. You'll also be able to free any prisoners you've put in the brig who'll also fight with you to reach Ikande. 

Just like with the Fleet, when you reach Ikande he will have activated a self destruct so you'll need to talk him down to save the ship. 

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