Starfield controller and headset bundles discounted at Walmart

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We're making our final descent into the world of Starfield, as the blockbuster title sets its course for screens everywhere on September 1. If you're still getting into the spirit, though, there are some solid savings to be found on official accessories at Walmart right now. 

You can pick up both the special edition controller and headset for $189.99 together, scoring $203 worth of popular accessories for a solid $14 off. Considering the controller by itself comes in at $79.99 and the headset packs a taller $124 price tag, that's a handy saving for all space farers. This bundle is being sold by Antonline via Walmart's marketplace, a reputable seller with a high rating and its own dedicated storefront elsewhere. 

Starfield Xbox Controller | Starfield Xbox Wireless Headset | $203

Starfield Xbox Controller | Starfield Xbox Wireless Headset | $203 $189.99 at Walmart
Save $14 - Picking up both the Starfield controller and headset together can score you some handy savings at Walmart right now. The $79.99 gamepad and $124 headset are both being sold for just $189.99 - that's a $14 saving all in.

Both the Xbox Series X controller and Xbox Series X headset offer up the crisp white and red design we've come to know and love, with in-game flight iconography spread across the surface in a cooler gray. The controller is your standard Xbox Wireless Controller affair, while those cups take the official Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset and give them that space-faring spin. If you've had your eye on a Starfield-themed cockpit ahead of release, this is an excellent offer that can certainly help you get there for less. 

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