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Star Wars: The Last Jedi will have an extra Star Wars 9-related scene

Star Wars: The Last Jedi may be firmly under Rian Johnson’s watch, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t had a few changes from creative minds elsewhere. In this case, Star Wars 9 director Colin Trevorrow has requested something extra be added to the next Star Wars movie – one that will probably pay off in the final movie of the trilogy.

Speaking on the Happy Sad Confused podcast (via /Film), Trevorrow revealed that he asked Rian Johnson to film an extra scene for The Last Jedi, and he kindly obliged. Johnson had this to say, “There was one little thing. It wasn’t an adjustment, it was just ‘Could you shoot this one extra thing while you’re in this place on this day?’ And he did, which was great. But, y’know, it’s part of the collaborative process that exists – everyone is in communication.”

While it’s probably not an MCU-style post-credits scene, it begs the question: what could it possibly be? It’s probably not that important to the overall plot; a cool Easter egg or a wink to Star Wars 9 that’s later revisited is far more likely or, as suggested by /Film, a possible Carrie Fisher tribute. Basically, something to tie together the two stories in a galaxy far, far away, or to provide an icon with a fitting send-off.

Image: Lucasfilm

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