Star Wars: Rogue One director wants an Obi-Wan anthology movie, too

We already had Star Wars fans and Ewan McGregor presenting a united front in their desire for an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie (opens in new tab), and now even Star Wars: Rogue One (opens in new tab) director Gareth Edwards has voiced his support. The filmmaker made it clear to ScreenRant (opens in new tab) that he didn't have any inside knowledge about if and how Lucasfilm is considering the project, but he'd very much like it to happen.

"I love all the stuff from the original Star Wars films, and the trilogy, so anything that went in there I would be excited about," Edwards said. "There's loads of rumors online, and actually, weirdly, working in Lucasfilm, you don't know. People ask you, 'Is this happening? Are they going to do this? Are they going to do that?'…and I don’t know.

"You’re just kept in your own little bubble of your own little film, and then if you do something that's going to affect another movie or something like the animated series or graphic novels, we'll talk about it. But I, as a fan looking on the internet, nothing to do with Lucasfilm, I kinda go, 'Whoo, Obi-Wan Kenobi film, that’d be cool'".

If Obi-Wan really does appear (opens in new tab) in Star Wars 8 (opens in new tab), that would only make audiences even more eager to explore the decades-long gap in his history between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Here's hoping Disney agrees!

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Image: Lucasfilm

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