Star Wars: Rogue One concept art offers new looks at familiar faces

Star Wars: Rogue One may be one of the greatest Star Wars movies committed to screen but there were things that didn’t make it into the final version. No, I’m not talking about the trailer shots that didn't make it into the movie (but check them out too). Let’s go waaaay back to the drawing board and take a look at Rogue One’s concept art.

How does seeing a new-look K-2SO, a mutant Saw Gerrera, and a Stormtrooper riding a camel sound? Good? Then continue...

The following have been compiled from Business Insider, EW and i09. They are taken from the gorgeous new book The Art of Rogue One.

Here’s Kaytoo looking less like an unstoppable Stormtrooper-killing machine and more like C-3PO: the emo years

Talking of re-designs, how about Saw Gerrera looking all mutant-y? I know the Clone Wars took its toll, but this is ridiculous. 

While Jyn was on Eadu, she had to be equipped for battle and brave the extreme conditions. So: here’s a combat poncho. Or ‘concho’ for short, if you hate the English language.

Rogue One introduced us to some new Stormtroopers in the form of these dusty gold Scarif Troopers. Most of the concept art remains intact in the finished product but there’s a little less in the way of bright colours. Sandy all the way, baby.

This Krennic re-design just screams evil. I mean, literally probably screams evil in his sleep.

We missed out on a chance to see a Stormtrooper riding on a 15-foot Jedha ‘camel’. Worst. Movie. Ever.

Darth Vader in a tank…kinda. Not as amazing as Darth Vader in an armoured tank but an even creepier look at Vader going for a cleansing bath in Rogue One is still pretty cool. 

One of Rogue One’s many rebel fighters looks like he’s seen things, man. Probably Attack of the Clones. That’s one haunted war vet.

Images: Lucasfilm/Abrams Books/EW

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