Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's wimpiest boss has killed 489 players and I need to know how

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EA and Respawn have released a breakdown of notable stats about Star Wars Jedi Survivor players, including the fact that nearly 500 people have died to Rick the Door Technician.

The encounter with Rick the Door Technician is very much intended as a joke, and it's a gag that players quickly fell in love with. He appears deep in the Jedi: Survivor story, after you've likely already spent a dozen or more hours upgrading Cal and mastering the controls. He shows up just after a massive arena battle where you have to face hordes of stormtroopers and multiple Imperial sentry droids - a fight I found to be the most challenging non-boss encounter in the game.

In other words, you already need to have demonstrated competence with the game's controls on your chosen difficulty in order to even reach Rick, a 'boss' who does very little damage and goes down in one hit. And yet, according to this infographic, 489 people have managed to be killed by Rick. By comparison, the Jedi Survivor rancor - an actually challenging foe - has claimed over 9 million victims.

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How is it possible? Did these players emerge from the previous fight with a sliver of health left and take an unfortunate first shot from Rick? Did they run away from the threatening boss health bar and fall in a hole? Did they, like, slip on a banana peel? I have to imagine most of them intentionally died to find out what would happen, as with the YouTube video below.

There are some other inexplicable stats here, like the fact that the most popular hair and beard combo is the crew cut and short beard. Cal's already arguably lacking for personality, and you're giving him a crew cut? If nothing else, you're missing out on Jedi: Survivor's fantastic hair animation for when you trim Cal's locks.

The GamesRadar+ office has also been bewildered by the fact that 31% of players are using the single blade Star Wars Jedi Survivor lightsaber stance. The crossguard, probably the best stance in the game, is the least-used at a paltry 7%. This, at least, I think we can attribute to the crossguard not unlocking until fairly far in the story. Every player has access to the single blade no matter how far into the game they are, so it's going to have an advantage in a battle of statistics.

Jedi: Survivor already had millions of players just weeks after launch.

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