A secret emoji has led to a Darth Maul-shaped Star Wars: The Clone Wars reveal

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7 has just premiered – leaving only 11 episodes left to explore the origins of Order 66. With that in mind, there’s plenty to wrap up, including remnants of Darth Maul’s time on the planet of Mandalore. 

Disney has asked fans to be on the lookout for a secret emoji that will give us a peek of what’s to come. How very 2020. This also being 2020, fans found it within minutes, and it’s suggested that there’s plenty of Maul-themed shenanigans on the way.

“There might be one more emoji to uncover,” Disney’s Twitter account teased after a series of Clone Wars emojis from Ashoka to Yoda were unveiled across the weekend.

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So, what was it? Turns out, it was “The Mauldalorian” – a hashtag found thanks to the Hashflags Archive on Twitter (H/T Polygon).

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Don’t go expecting a Darth Maul crossover with The Mandalorian, however. This is likely in reference to the group of Mandalore soldiers who have folded into Maul’s Shadow Collective during his hostile takeover on the planet.

Curiously enough, no character has ever been referred to as The Mauldalorian. This new not-so-secret emoji found on the hashtag hints that a new character, or possibly a background one given more prominence, will feature during the course of season 7. If not his entire army. 

At the very least, it means we’re getting more Maul – who’s on a collision course with Ashoka, as shown by the recent Clone Wars season 7 trailer – which can only be a good thing.

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