Star Wars Battlefront's film grain update brings it even closer to the movies

If you're tired of the "digitally remastered special edition" look to Star Wars Battlefront, the latest update will get you a little bit closer to the originals. A new Film Grain slider added to the Video settings menu will let you choose how much (if any) of the cinematic stuff you want skittering over your screen, according to the patch notes. Now all Battlefront needs is those little superimposition artifacts that show up whenever a spaceship flies across a dark background.

Twilight on Hoth is the new map which was previously teased for the icy planet, and as you might guess from the name, it's the same large Hoth map just set in the golden hour. The new map variant will be playable in Walker Assault, Supremacy, Turning Point, Blast, Fighter Squadron, Drop Zone, and Heroes vs. Villains. The Jundland Wastes, Forest of Endor, Outpost Beta, and SoroSuub Centroplex maps will also be added to the Turning Point mode playlist, which was first added in the Battle of Jakku DLC - the contents of which are included in the update, and thus no longer required as a separate download.

You can also play through a new Hoth-based Survival mission, Survival in the Ice Caves, and choose an Endor outfit for Princess Leia in addition to her puffy Hoth coat. The rest of the patch is primarily bug fixes and balance tweaks, including faster projectiles for the Tusken Cycler Rifle, more damaging (but slightly less splashy) Bowcasters, and tougher AT-ATs on multiple Walker Assault maps.

Star Wars Battlefront will get its first season pass DLC, the Outer Rim, in March. It will pack in new Sullustan factory and Jabba's Palace battlefields. Three more packs will roll out through the rest of the year and into early 2017.

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