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Star Wars Battlefront uses dedicated servers, may the ping be with you

No need to worry about host advantage and annoying mid-match migration: Star Wars Battlefront (opens in new tab) designer Jamie Keen confirmed to PlayStation Lifestyle (opens in new tab) that the online shooter will use dedicated servers for its competitive multiplayer modes.

Many online shooters favor dedicated servers over peer-to-peer multiplayer (in which one player is designated as "host" and everybody else hopes their connection remains stable), particularly games with large-scale modes like Supremacy (opens in new tab). Dedicated servers aren't to be confused with server browsers, though - Star Wars Battlefront will only offer "skill-based matchmaking" (opens in new tab) for competitive play.

You'll get to try it out yourself next month when the Star Wars Battlefront beta (opens in new tab) goes online. Or if you prefer to just blast computer-controlled stormtroopers with a friend, the beta also includes support for online and offline Survival missions.

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