Star Wars Battlefront's Battle of Jakku teaser sets the stage for The Force Awakens

The teaser I'm about to show you isn't technically for Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens, but you're going to want to watch anyway. Because this footage is from Star Wars Battlefront's free DLC The Battle of Jakku, which can serve as your own personal prequel to Episode 7. Take a look:

If you're not familiar, the Battle of Jakku was a large-scale skirmish between the newly re-formed Republic and the remnants of the dying Galactic Empire. Remember one of the first images from The Force Awakens being that of a Star Destroyer, long forgotten and half-buried in the sand? That'd be the Inflictor, and this battle is where the New Republic defeated it. Canonically speaking, anyway. Your experience may differ.

But if you should triumph as the Rebels/Republic faction in this DLC, when you go see The Force Awakens two weeks later, you can look at the wrecked ship and think to yourself, "That was me. I helped bring that thing down." Or, if you played on the side of the Empire, you can look at that smug audience member and think to yourself "Man, that match was bull. Hacks!"

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Sam Prell

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