Star Trek Picture Puzzle Answers

Hello there! If you're reading this page, it almost certainly means that you bought our latest Special Edition, The A-Z Of Star Trek . Ta very much! And that you've pitted your wits against our picture puzzle, within which are hidden the titles of 87 different Trek episode titles.

We didn't want to leave you scratching your heads for all eternity, so: once you've done your best, click on the image below to enlarge it, then check the numbers against the list below.

1 The snapping branch="When The Bough Breaks” (The Next Generation)
2 Lots of insects? Got to be "The Swarm” (Voyager)
3 A butterfly is emerging from a "Chrysalis” (Deep Space Nine)
4 This bird is an… "Albatross” (The Animated Series)
5 That’s Leonardo da Vinci flying his glider. He's a "Renaissance Man” (Voyager)
6 Crops aflame=a "Field Of Fire” (Deep Space Nine)
7 This bird is "The Raven” (Voyager)
8 The letter omega, looking rather glorious? "The Omega Glory” (Star Trek)
9 A bakery and two circuses adds up to "Bread And Circuses” (Star Trek)
10 Two camels on a crossing is a "Desert Crossing” (Enterprise)
11 Count Dracula falling off the ladder="Countdown” (Enterprise)
12 This crewman is climbing "Up The Long Ladder” (The Next Generation)
13 The heart-shaped stone="Heart Of Stone” (Deep Space Nine)
14 These fighting animals are "The Dogs Of War” (Deep Space Nine)
15 These two guards are "The Cloud Minders” (Star Trek)
16 Another word for a big rig like this is a "Juggernaut” (Voyager)
17 That tower is "Babel” (Deep Space Nine)
18 That’s obviously a "Scorpion” (Voyager)
19 And this bird is a "Nightingale” (Voyager)
20 This chap with a halo is clearly a "Good Shepherd” (Voyager)
21 A robotic "Caretaker” (Voyager)
22 What’s that fruit pictured on the sign? "The Apple” (Star Trek)
23 One angel sacrificing another="Sacrifice Of Angels” (Deep Space Nine)
24 The angel with a “1” on its top is "Angel One” (The Next Generation)
25 Scattered around the floor are "Body Parts” (Deep Space Nine)
26 This unfortunate chap is being attacked by "The Savage Curtain” (Star Trek)
27 Lurking behind the curtain is "The Devil In The Dark” (Star Trek)
28 Charlie Chaplin lying on the beach in an X shape="Charlie X” (Star Trek)
29 This line of lizard men represents "Evolution” (The Next Generation)
30 The sign is pointing out "The Way To Eden” (Star Trek)
31 Redshirts are being commemorated by this "Memorial” (Voyager)
32 The sneezing crewman is spreading a "Contagion” (The Next Generation)
33 Bobbing in the waves is a "Ship In A Bottle” (The Next Generation)
34 The moonboot footprint on the beach represents "One Small Step” (Voyager)
35 Nurse Chapel’s checking out her watch to see if it’s still "The Naked Time” (Star Trek)
36 This winged horse is "The Pegasus” (The Next Generation)
37 The 10th Doctor paying his respects="Who Mourns For Adonais?” (Star Trek)
38 The 11th Doctor paying his respects="Who Mourns For Morn?”(Deep Space Nine)
39 These Ferengi are taking "The Measure Of A Man” (The Next Generation)
40 T’Pol et al are walking down "The Catwalk” (Enterprise)
41 Two mud wrestlers=”Mudd’s Women” (Star Trek)
42 The chap getting mud in his eye (serves him right, the pervert)="I, Mudd” (Star Trek)
43 Bobbing in the waves is a "Message In A Bottle” (Voyager)
44 This Pierrot emerging from the waves recalls the video for Bowie’s "Ashes To Ashes” (Voyager)
45 One page of this book is a "Dark Page” (The Next Generation)
46 Curled up by the sunbathers are two "Sleeping Dogs” (Enterprise)
47 This terrified knight="Night Terrors” (The Next Generation)
48 The playing children="Child's Play” (Voyager)
49 Also playing a game are some "Little Green Men” (Deep Space Nine)
50 When you toss a die, it means "The Die Is Cast” (Deep Space Nine)
51 Two mirrors side by side="Mirror, Mirror” (Star Trek)
52 The arrow stuck in the clock="Time’s Arrow” (The Next Generation)
53 The time on the clock is "11.59” (Voyager)
54 Shadows playing on the wall? That’s "Shadowplay” (Deep Space Nine)
55 If you have a drum for a head then you’re "The Drumhead” (The Next Generation)
56 Looks like this Archer has a "Broken Bow” (Enterprise)
57 The kids with a targ on a lead="And The Children Shall Lead” (Star Trek)
58 A squirting flower is just what you’d expect from "The Practical Joker” (The Animated Series)
59 It’s Wesley’s 18th birthday, meaning he’s "Coming Of Age” (The Next Generation)
60 This fella’s sticking his head "Through The Looking Glass” (Deep Space Nine)
61 Broken mirror? Nope, a "Shattered Mirror” (Deep Space Nine)
62 Okay, so the Bayeux Tapestry isn’t actually a "Tapestry”…(The Next Generation)
63 The square clock represents "Time Squared” (The Next Generation)
64 You can tell by the eyebrows that this band is "Oasis” (Enterprise)
65 Sisko and Jake are singing a "Duet” (Deep Space Nine)
66 And Worf and Jadzia are dancing a "Waltz” (Deep Space Nine)
67 Janeway is giving Seven Of Nine "The Gift” (Voyager)
68 This Tribble is stuck in "The Cage” (Star Trek)
69 Picard keeps Riker in line with the "Chain Of Command” (The Next Generation)
70 Wayne Rooney plays for "United” (Enterprise)
71 One bomb on either side of the scales is a "Balance Of Terror” (Star Trek)
72 This diagram of a flower shows you where to find the "Stigma” (Enterprise)
73 Hanging on the wall are several "Masks” (The Next Generation)
74 H-O-N-O-R in Morse code="Code Of Honor” (The Next Generation)
75 September has "Thirty Days” (Voyager)
76 When Frank Sinatra sings this song, it’s "His Way” (Deep Space Nine)
77 Scotty’s being lured in by "The Man Trap” (Star Trek)
78 Neelix is having some very "Random Thoughts” (Voyager)
79 This little chap is a "Tin Man” (The Next Generation)
80 Pulp Fiction fans will know a French burger="The Royale” (The Next Generation)
81 That little figure on Elvis’s shoulder="The Conscience Of The King” (Star Trek)
82 Bones is experiencing "A Taste Of Armageddon” (Star Trek)
83 A tourist souvenir of seven Italian astronomers can only be "The Galileo Seven” (Star Trek)
84 What’s on the end of a cat’s leg? "Catspaw” (Star Trek)
85 You can tell by the ears that this is "Spock’s Brain” (Star Trek)
86 All these sums add up to the same number: "The 37s” (Voyager)
87 Odo is getting a good poking with a soft cushion from the "Inquisition” (Deep Space Nine)

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