Star Trek: Discovery season 3 finally has a release date

The Star Trek Universe panel at Comic-Con 2020 (opens in new tab) was... slightly underwhelming when it came to major announcements. Somewhat ironically, now that Comic-Con has come to an end, we get potentially one of the biggest Star Trek news announcements of the year: a Star Trek: Discovery season 3 (opens in new tab) release date.

The now-13 episode season 3 will arrive on CBS All-Access in the US on October, 15. The announcement was made in a brief video featuring Commander Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) planting a Federation flag in a remote planet. 

Star Trek Discovery season 3 will boldly go where no Star Trek series or movie has gone before. Season 2 ended with Burnham and the Discovery crew jumping forward in time to the 32nd Century – a moment in time which has, up 'til now, been left unexplored by the Star Trek franchise. What's awaiting them there is mostly a mystery but we do know one newcomer, Book, played by David Ajala, is already on board.

Speaking at Comi-Con, Michelle Yeoh teased her character Georgiou's arc in season 3. “In season 3 I think she’s really pissed off. She’s like ‘Michael Burnham, don’t get in my way,'" Yeoh said. "She is the one that always finds a way into adapting, she is a survivor with many skills, and a formidable ally or enemy. Power is something that she inherently has, she doesn’t even seek it she just has it. Scary, huh? Watch out.”

Wilson Cruz was also on hand to talk about his character Culber's relationship with Staments, saying: “Because of the way season 2 ends – the fact that Culber has made a choice, he’s taken a risk and without knowing what’s going to happen he chooses to stay on the Discovery – because of this choice, he can stay in Paul’s life. I think in that moment he realizes that everything he’s ever wanted and everything he needs is right here between these two people.” 

Star Trek: Discovery will come soon after the animated show, Star Trek: Lower Decks, which will premiere August 6. Catch up with everything that happened at Comic-Con with our roundup.

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