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Spider-Man web-shooters will be mechanical


Spider-Man actress Emma Stone walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes this weekend, and MTV took that as an opportunity to talk all things web-slingy with her.

Clearly under strict orders not to reveal much about the movie (you can almost see the chip in her head giving off electric shocks every time she has to talk Spider-Man ), Stone kept pretty tight-lipped.

But when asked if Spidey would have mechanical web-slingers like in the comics, the actress begrudgingly confirmed: “It’s a device.”

Which is just another way that director Marc Webb’s Spider-Man will be setting itself apart from Sam Raimi’s original trilogy.

In Raimi’s films, Peter Parker develops web-shooting glands (ahem) in his wrists that allow him to swing through the city. Here, though, Webb has gone back to the comics, in which Spidey created his own web-shooters.

Check out the interview with Emma below...