Spider-Man: Miles Morales release date confirmed, and it's coming out alongside PS5

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The Spider-Man: Miles Morales release date was revealed after the big PS5 reveal event today, and it's coming out right alongside Sony's new console and will surely be one of the most popular PS5 bundles and PS5 pre-order options.

Oddly, the new Spider-Man: Miles Morales gameplay trailer that also debuted at the event only listed the previously confirmed "holiday 2020" release window. Granted, that was a good half hour before the part of the presentation where the PS5 release date was revealed, so I guess Sony just didn't want to spoil anything. The release date was confirmed on the official Insomniac Games Twitter account.

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It looks like the game will share the same staggered release date as PS5, so if you live in one of the regions that's getting the console a week earlier, you can also start playing Miles Morales a week earlier. The PS4 version of the game which was also announced today will presumably be released on the same dates, depending on your region.

Insomniac Games also confirmed that the PS4 version, which will retail for $49.99, will include a complimentary "upgrade path" to PS5 so you'll be able to transfer over without an extra purchase. That said, if you pick up Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition on the PlayStation Store for $69.99 on PS5, you'll also get a free download of Marvel's Spider-Man: Remastered.

Insomniac has given the whole game (which already looked very slick on PS4) a fresh pass to take advantage of PS5 power, including the new lighting features added for Miles Morales.

The Demon's Souls remake will also be available as soon as PS5 launches, and its new gameplay looks dynamite. 

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