Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 gameplay revealed and it's also coming to PS4

We have our first look at Spider-Man: Miles Morales gameplay thanks to the PS5 showcase, and it is gorgeous.

The trailer starts with Miles sneaking into his apartment, late for a visit to his mom's rally and perpetually busting his buddy Ganke's chops. Then it picks up fast, with a glowing-purple supervillain staging a heist on a truck full of mysterious materials - then we get to see Miles doing some stylish moves to take down a bunch of thugs before the whole bridge comes crashing down.

Sony also revealed that Spider-Man: Miles Morales is coming to PS4 as well as PS5, and it will have a "next-gen upgrade path" so you can play the upgraded version for free if you get a new console later. That said, if you buy the Ultimate Edition on PS5, you'll also get a download code for Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered for free - that includes the base game and all its DLC.

Earlier this week, Insomniac Games showed off a quick snippet of Spider-Man: Miles Morales that highlighted how HDR and ray-tracing help bring an already beautiful rendering of New York City into even more gorgeous detail.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a new story set in the same fictional Marvel universe as Spider-Man PS4. It's much bigger than a DLC expansion but it isn't quite a sequel - think a standalone game somewhere along the lines of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy's relationship to Uncharted 4.

The new game was first unveiled at the PS5 Future of Gaming event back in June, and we hadn't seen too much more of it since then aside from some new screenshots in August. Alongside the screenshots we learned that Spider-Man: Miles Morales takes place one year after the events of the original game, and that it opens with Miles' home neighborhood of Harlem caught in a battle between a criminal syndicate and, um, an 'energy corporation'.

Find even more titles to look forward to with our guide to upcoming PS5 games. The console is really shaping up nicely and we'll be there day one after locking down our PS5 pre-order tomorrow morning.

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