Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has a second (secret) Stan Lee appearance

Into the Spider-Verse Stan Lee

Stan Lee’s appearance in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was a bittersweet one. The man who brought to life so many iconic superheroes – and also loved a cameo or two – passed away just weeks before the movie’s release. Into the Spider-Verse was the first time we could really say goodbye to Stan the Man, as well as celebrate his legacy. 

That walk-on part, though, was actually just one of two times Stan Lee appeared in Into the Spider-Verse – but the second one has only just been found. It’s probably even better than his first one, too.

You’ll remember the first cameo. Miles Morales, in the wake of Peter Parker’s death, goes to a comic book store to buy a Spidey outfit. Stan Lee is the clerk and, with a toothy grin, points to a sign that says no refunds. It’s cute, but not the best way to sign off for a man who was so closely interwoven with the webhead.

The second secret appearance, however, is much better. It’s really well-hidden too. During a scene where Miles finally gets the hang of his new powers in the final act, he is seen soaring through the Manhattan streets as a train rattles on by overhead. But if you zoom in on one of the carriages, there’s Stan Lee, as signal-boosted by Sony Picture Imageworks' Senior Animator Nick Kondo on Twitter:

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Yes, cartoon Stan Lee is doing the web-shooter pose and yes, it is all kinds of amazing, pun absolutely intended. The fact that his last on-screen role with everyone’s favourite neighbourhood Spider-Man sees him being there at the moment when a brand-new hero finally comes to terms with his powers should be enough to send shivers down your spine.

It’s also a testament to everyone who worked on the movie; there’s Easter eggs abound and, as Kondo points out, you can re-live moments like this over and over when the Blu-ray releases on March 19. Just don’t forget your magnifying glass.

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