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There were never any plans for a Spider-Man: Far From Home Stan Lee cameo according to the director

Spider-Man: Far From Home Stan Lee cameo
(Image credit: Disney/Marvel Studios)

There isn’t going to be a Spider-Man: Far From Home Stan Lee cameo. Sorry, folks. We were all holding out hope that the man who helped create Marvel into the billion-dollar force you see today would make one final bow alongside his most famous creation. But it’s not going to be the case. In fact, the Spider-Man: Far From Home director, Jon Watts, has revealed that a Far From Home Stan Lee cameo was never in the works.

Speaking to CinemaBlend, Watts suggests that Lee’s declining health, as well as the obvious end point of Avengers: Endgame, both contributed to the lack of desire to film a Spider-Man: Far From Home Stan Lee cameo.

“I think everyone sort of knew that [Stan] was sick and he had just filmed the cameo for Endgame,” Watts says, “I think they shot that earlier, too… It felt right for the last thing to be in Endgame. So we never really talked about it, honestly.”

In case you needed reminding, Avengers: Endgame’s Stan Lee cameo included him driving past the 1970s air base yelling “Make love, not war.” It was his 22nd and final appearance in the MCU.

Even so, it still remains to be seen whether Far From Home will at least include some sort of Easter egg to the co-creator of everything from the Fantastic Four, to the X-Men, and, yes, everyone’s favourite neighbourhood Spider-Man. If Stan Lee can’t be there in person, you’ve gotta believe he’ll be there in spirit in some way. Watch out for that on July 2.

It now seems that Stan the Man’s final goodbye in the MCU will come in the shape of this week’s Avengers: Endgame re-release. In it, we’re getting an as-yet-unseen “Stan Lee tribute.” Here’s hoping Far From Home will also include a fond farewell of its own.

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