Space Station Tycoon for Wii

Space Station Tycoon is a management sim in which you build and run a space station.

The game is being developed by Wahoo Studios, who were previously responsible for Outpost Kaloki X on Xbox Live Arcade, to which this bares many similarities.

Just like its Xbox counterpart, the focus in this game is on managing your money, investing in building outposts to increase business and, in turn, increase your income.

"The basic goal of building a station to serve customers and some of the economic elements will be very familiar to players of Outpost Kaloki X, but even the basic mechanics, like how customers make their buying decisions, have undergone an overhaul," Wahoo Studios designer, Jeremy Throckmorton, told IGN.

Namco Bandai Games producer, Ben Cole added: "With Space Station Tycoon on the Wii, we have the opportunity to really bring to life the game we've all envisioned. For example, we've taken the opportunity to add a whole slew of features we've always wanted to put into this type of game. Things like off-the-wall characters, station customization, and a whole slab of humor."

The quirky characters you meet will have you perform a range of wacky scenarios, "like putting together a heavy metal concert for Frankengull and Voodoo Chicken," Cole reveals.

Expect the game to launch on Wii in Summer 2007.

February 28, 2007