Space authenticity be damned, this Starfield mod plates your delectable food and makes me a lil hungry

Starfield food mod
(Image credit: Bethesda)

I'm a sucker for good-looking video game food, which is why I was instantly drawn to a new Starfield mod that puts all of your culinary creations on dinner plates.

Our fellow foodies over at PC Gamer spotted the Starfield mod titled Plated not Crated, which gives your meatloaf, sausages, sandwiches, tacos, cinnamon rolls, and other food the presentation it deserves. Of course, space nerds will point out that the little plastic containers usually holding Starfield's food keep it from, you know, flying away in zero gravity, but not everything in video games has to be perfectly logical. In fact, I'd argue that Starfield's depiction of Earth in the future as a barren, lifeless husk is all of the reality we really need in one game.

"A mod you didn't know you need until you see it," mod author Tank_girl444 rightfully says. "Tired of consuming an entire tupperware dish with every meal? Wish you could display your food in the open air without a nasty plastic box? Well, with this mod you can!"

I didn't even think of that. When you consume food in Starfield, it seems the plastic container goes right down your gullet too, which can't be good for your digestive system. Unless edible plastic is a thing in the year 2330, but even then it doesn't sound very appetizing.

Ultimately, this mod makes food a lot more aesthetically pleasing and frankly, less utilitarian. Food is one of the great joys in life, and stuffing it into boring plastic boxes just takes all the fun out of it even if it makes more sense from a practical perspective. Space authenticity be damned, tonight we dine on plates!

Plated food is instantly one of the best Starfield mods out there, for my money.

Jordan Gerblick

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