This Starfield foodie plays dominoes with their sandwich collection - somehow more impressive than the zillion physics object memes

Starfield food
(Image credit: Bethesda / rabbitkingdom (via Reddit))

One Starfield foodie has somehow upstaged the countless other physics object memes with a deceptively simple question: what if dominoes were played with sandwiches?

In the video embedded below, Redditor Muaxh03 lines up countless sandwiches to create an unreal dominoes obstacle course in The Lodge’s basement. The Lodge is a place for scientific discovery, and I guess testing Bethesda’s engine qualifies as research. Right? Yes, it’s silly. But it’s also arguably the most satisfying physics-testing video to come from Bethesda’s unruly space epic. Not only would you need to spend hours collecting various foodstuffs, but placing each sandwich with such precision is a feat in itself. 

Someone stole my video and uploaded it, acting like he's me. So please enjoy the video in higher quality and from the creator. from r/Starfield

The foodie has some mathematically sound advice for those looking to create their own dominoes courses in-game: “Drop items in the angle you want them to stand, makes it 16x easier.” Though they wouldn’t recommend lining up objects with a controller. (My apartment’s shambolic book piles can attest to that.) Regardless, the dedication on show is unreal. 

“All that food combined gives you 2% health,” one commenter joked, poking fun at the dismal HP gains from food. Another commenter asked about how long the video took to set up, to which Muaxh03 simply replied: “Yes.” Todd Howard did say that Starfield was “made to be played for a long time,” although something tells me that sandwich organization isn’t what he meant. 

Sandwiches have (weirdly) been a recurring gag within the Starfield community. Before the game’s release, fans speculated about the universe’s chaotic economy using sandwich-based maths. Even the unofficial Starfield countdown was sandwich-themed, as one streamer created an ever-expanding sandwich pile

Other scientists put the game’s physics to the test with an unreal number of milk cartons, toilet paper, and potatoes. One RPG fan even went back to stuff Oblivion and Skyrim with cheese wheels - just to show how far Bethesda has come in the number-of-food-required-to-crash-the-game department.

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