Starfield's milk carton-led physics experiments are putting Skyrim's cabbage avalanches to shame

(Image credit: Bethesda / Dennios)

Starfield's latest physics testing game is putting Skyrim's cabbage avalanches to shame.

Starfield boasts a scale that's out of this world, both literally and figuratively, but its physics engine may well be the most jaw-dropping aspect of Bethesda's new space-based RPG. Recently, we saw a bunch of potatoes roll out of an airlock with incredible realism, and the latest physics experiment, this time involving milk cartons, is even more impressive.

A video posted on Twitter shows YouTube user Dennios spawn a whopping 10,000 milk cartons above New Atlantis and send them cascading down one of the city's tallest buildings. Each object behaves independently, and watching them tumble to the streets below is quite simply mesmerizing.

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Of course, setting huge numbers of random everyday objects free at high altitudes isn't a new thing for Bethesda fans. In Skyrim, players have been creating avalanches out of thousands of cabbages and cheese wheels for years now, but the sheer volume of objects on screen in Starfield and the incredibly natural way they move and interact with the surroundings blows everything that's come before right out of the water.

"I am surprised it runs this well," the player wrote in a post on the Starfield subreddit. "I spawned 10,000 Milk Cartons at once, it loaded in just one second. Doing this in Oblivion and Skyrim takes a few moments. The physics stuff is running amazing. Thumbs up for the devs, who did it!"

Elsewhere, another Starfield player, @Fallout_Collect, attempted something similar, but this time with sandwiches. A video shared on X shows them piling 10,000 of the game's tasty-looking sandwiches onto the top of their ship. They then take off over New Atlantis and rain sandwiches down over the city, treating the citizens to a spectacular display and a free lunch.

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We can't wait to see what weird and wonderful physics experiments Starfield players come up with next.

In the run-up to launch, game producer Jamie Mallory took the internet by storm with her snack-hoarding antics, though it turns out trying to recreate the Starfield sandwich collection but with plushies is really hard.

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