South Park: The Stick of Truth Costumes and Weapons equipment locations guide

South Park: The Stick of Truth features just over 100 costumes and weapons to outfit your character with, offering various combat buffs as well as looking pretty jazzy too. If you're planning to unlock the Clothes Whore and Full Arsenal trophies/achievements then this guide will show you where to find every piece of equipment, so you can complete your collection.

Equipment items are listed here in the order they appear under the Collectibles menu tab, and if they have a day stated in the description then that is the earliest time during the story you can collect them.

Certain equipment items can only be found during the following quests - make sure you don't miss them or you won't be able to complete your collection:

  • Detention Sentence: Dodgeball, Mace of Restoration
  • The Bard: Elvish Shortbow, Wood Elf Armour, Wood Elf Gloves, Wood Elf Hat, Crutch of Weakness, Jester's Cap
  • Alien Abduction: Alien Helmet, Alien Ray Gun, Alien Suit, Alien Gloves, Tinfoil Hat, Alien Probe
  • PTA Problems: Stone Hammer, SWAT Vest, SWAT Armoured Headgear, SWAT Tactical Gloves
  • Attack the School: Basketball, Necromancer Gloves, Necromancer Robes, Necromancer Hood
  • Defeat the Underpants Gnomes: Gnome Gloves, Gnome Helmet, Super Bouncy Ball!, Gnome Clothes, Gnome Pickaxe, Underpants "Helmet"
  • Unplanned Parenthood: Poison Grenade, Master Razor
  • Beat Up Clyde!: Lawn Dart, Knight Gauntlets, Knight Helmet, Knight Armour, Vibroblade, Condom Cap

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