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South Park: The Stick of Truth Friends locations guide

As you explore South Park: The Stick of Truth (opens in new tab), you'll be populating the game's own version of Facebook with the characters you meet and befriend. If you want to earn the More Popular Than John Lennon trophy/achievement then you'll need to become best pals with everyone in South Park, and this guide will show you where to find all the Friends you need.

Friends are listed here alphabetically by first name, or surname if their first name isn't given, and if they have a day stated in the description then that is the earliest time during the story that you can collect them.

Certain Friends can only be found during the following quests - make sure you don't miss them or you won't be able to complete your collection:

  • The New Kid in Town: Clyde
  • Attack the School: Bill, Fosse, Lemmiwinks
  • Nazi Zombie Bounty (Side Quest): Sergeant Yates
  • O Canada: The Bishop of Banff
  • Beat Up Clyde!: Ike, Big Gay Al

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