Sounds like Staff Sargent Griggs is back for the new Modern Warfare

We know direct from Infinity Ward that there will be some familiar faces joining Captain Price in the reimagined Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Now it looks like Staff Sargent Griggs could be one of the faces making a return.

Griggs was a US Marine in the original game, fighting as part of an attempt to capture the ultranationalist leader Al-Assad before joining up with Captain Price's SAS team to prevent a nuclear war. However, he was also played by Mark Grigsby, then lead animator at Infinity Ward, now animation director on the new Modern Warfare. 

(Image credit: Activision)

I had a chance to speak to Grigsby about that original appearance in the game": "Joel [Emslie, former Infinity Ward lead character artist, now studio art director] was actually the one. He was like ‘I like your face, I’m going to put you in the game,’" Grigsby told me at the recent Modern Warfare multiplayer reveal. However, he didn't stay just a face for long. "I was just going to be a soldier and I think the lead designer Steve Fukuda said 'I think you’re going to be in the game now, what do you want your name to be?' At that time I was a little worried, I didn’t want Grigsby as my title in there. People do call me Griggs so I was like, alright, just do Griggs’. Then they were like ‘okay were going to make you one of the characters in the single player’'. 

And, thus, the legend of Griggs was born. However, it sounds like a legend that set to continue in the new Modern Warfare with Grigsby also casually mentioning "this time around, coming back, the narrative team was like ‘let’s just put Griggs back in the game again’". How Griggs will feature isn't clear just yet, but it looks like the first step towards getting the original COD4 gang back together.

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