Sounds like Lords of the Fallen on Xbox will be janky at launch but PS5 and PC players "will be able to enjoy the game as intended"

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Lords of the Fallen studio Hexworks is preemptively warning Xbox players that their experience with the game might not be up to par with the PS5 and PC versions at tomorrow's launch.

In a curiously worded tweet, Hexworks suggests the game will work just fine on PS5 and PC. The Xbox version, however, maybe not so much.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the content creators who have worked with us to enable the rapid deployment of patches, updates, and performance improvements ahead of tomorrow's exciting launch of Lords of the Fallen.

As such, PC and PlayStation 5 players will be able to enjoy the game as intended. The Xbox version is currently being updated, bringing it to parity with the other platforms, and the patch will release over the coming days."

I'm purely speculating here, but I'm also fairly confident I'm not the only one wondering whether the Xbox Series S is the culprit here. After all, the hardware limitations of the the Xbox Series X's little brother have famously been blamed for Baldur's Gate 3 not releasing on Xbox platforms at the same time as PS5. Again though, neither Hexworks nor publisher CI Games has given a reason for the tweet. I've reached out to both parties for clarification and will update this article if I hear back.

While Lords of the Fallen is being generally well-received by critics, our own Joel Franey awarded it a respectable, but not quite glowing, 3.5/5 stars. Here's a bit from our Lords of the Fallen review:

"Lords of the Fallen just about justifies the return of this forgotten franchise by being basically fine. It has a few clever ideas and a whole bunch of very predictable ones, ultimately resulting in a Soulslike experience that won't feel particularly new or fresh, but rarely offends or goes too far wrong."

If you're planning on playing the game tomorrow, don't miss our breakdown of the best Lords of the Fallen class to pick and why.

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