Sony turning Robotech anime series into live-action movie

Sony Pictures is developing a film franchise based around the hugely popular anime series Robotech. The story takes place at a time when mankind has developed gigantic robots with technology mined from a crashed alien spacecraft. That fortuitous discovery coincides with an imminent attack from the extraterrestrials.

The Japanese export became a smash hit in the ‘80s, spawning a flood of video games, books and other tie-ins. It has been earmarked for the big screen treatment for many years, and now it’s found a home at Sony. The studio are keen to fast track production on a live-action movie with the hopes of launching a multi-film franchise.

Not long ago, Warner Bros. possessed the rights and were reportedly eyeing up Mama director Andres Muschietti to get the project off the ground. Since Sony swooped in the helmer’s name has been dropped from press releases, suggesting the scaremonger is no longer involved. However, 300 and Immortals producers Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canto are still attached along with G.I. Joe: Rise Of The Cobra scribe Michael Gordon on scripting duties.

“When the rights to ‘Robotech’ became available we jumped; Mark and I knew it had what big movies in today’s world must have if they want to grab everyone: insane visuals and powerful themes,” says Nunnari. “The characters in ‘Robotech’ wrestle with both the destructive and redemptive powers of technology; nothing is more relevant today than that.”

While the notion of a big screen version immediately conjures up images of Transformers and Pacific Rim - characters wrestling with “destructive and redemptive powers of technology” sounds like a brainier spin on the same subject matter. As it stands the project has only just entered development, leaving plenty of time for speculation to commence.

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Gem Seddon

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