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Sony has that Armageddagain feeling

Point to a genre in the movies and chances are someone has made a spoof of it. But while the spoof film has a proud history (Airplane, The Naked Gun), it’s more recently become a dumping ground for quick-hit crap-schtick “comedies” that lump gags about recent releases into cheap blender films.

No pressure, then on Armageddagain: The Day Before Tomorrow, which will take on the likes of Armageddon (natch), Independence Day and Transformers, while apparently finding time for swipes at The Bourne Ultimatum. Oh, joy.

Robert Moniot will direct from a script he knocked out with Travis Oates, and while he hasn’t stepped behind the camera for a feature film before, he’s best known for the short spoof Pearl Harbor II: Pealmageddon. Our sides!

The cameras crank in August. If it’s anything like Epic Movie, we’re setting Michael Bay’s ego on the director. That beast will eat anything.