Sonic CD announcement trailer goes back in time

Holy cow, you guys – don't think we're taking sides here, but the trailer for this new Sonic game shows off the kind of blast-processing that'll definitely give Nintendo a run for its money. Hell, Sega throws the gauntlet right down with glimpses of a bonus stage that looks to out-scale even Mode 7 itself. You'll have to excuse us, we're just getting into the spirit of this announcement trailer for the upcoming Sonic CD – whose invitation to revisit a past of lurid Genesis colors and rampaging robo-critters is all too easy to take literally.

Doubtless Sega's been saving the clip until after the end of our 20-year celebration of the SNES, knowing that a full-scale reignition of the 16-Bit Wars – in which Sonic CD was intended as a major salvo – would be more than a fraught world could handle. What with disappointing adoption rates for the Sega CD, the title never achieved the prominence it deserved, making this trailer's theme of “see how it all started” sound a little strange, as nothing much began with this title. Still, 2011's the ideal time to re-evaluate Sonic CD on its own terms. The title's due to launch across all the major formats (except Wii) in the fourth quarter of this year.

Sep 6, 2011