Snowpiercer season 2 trailer reveals who's playing the mysterious Mr Wilford

Snowpiercer season 1 (opens in new tab) has come to an end – and yet we still haven't seen the eponymous train's mysterious owner, Mr. Wilford, in the series. We have heard his name a great many times, but the villain has been nowhere on-screen. 

Thanks to the Snowpiercer season 2 trailer, however, we now know who will be playing Mr. Wilford in the TV series (previously portrayed by Ed Harris in Oscar winner Bong Joon-Ho's movie version of the story). 

In the teaser, revealed moments after the final two-part season 1 finale, a very recognisable Sheffielder stepped out into the snow: Sean Bean. Yes, the Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings alumni will be returning to our screens as another complicated evil-doer – and our excitement for season 2 has risen tremendously.

Those of you who have been playing close attention to Snowpiercer news will have already suspected that Bean would take on the role. The actor was announced as a member of the season 2 cast last October, but his specific role was unknown. 

Snowpiercer tells the story of a frozen world where the only survivors of the cold apocalypse are those who living on a train. Well, that was what we presumed. The season 1 finale changed that, as now there are two trains speeding around the world. Will the other one be as corrupt? We'll have to wait and see. 

Production on season 2 began in October but has since been stalled due to coronavirus. A release date has not been announced. Find a list of all the major movies and shows delayed by coronavirus here.

Jack Shepherd
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