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Sniper Elite V2 achievement guide

Fish Tank

15 Points/Bronze Trophy

Send the tank into the river by blowing up the bridge.

Near the end of mission 4, Kaiser-Friedrich Museum, after you set up the charges on the bridge, a convoy of soldiers and three tanks will come rolling across. Wait until the tanks are on the bridge and then shoot the charges. When done at the right time, the tanks will get destroyed in the blast, netting you this award. If you shoot too early, however, the bridge will blow without hitting the tanks.

Front and Center

10 Points/Bronze Trophy

Get a scoped headshot over 150m

This is a rather easy task to pull off and will be earned fairly quickly. During the first mission, the Prologue, you will get assaulted by a swarm of Germans which will afford you plenty of opportunities to get achievement/trophy. Simply aim at the head of a soldier that is a good distance away and fire. If you are ever wondering how far an enemy is away, you can bring up the binoculars and hovering over an enemy will tell you its distance.

Fuel Tank

10 Points/Bronze Trophy

Destroy a tank by sniping the fuel supply

When a tank shows up, it’s pretty obvious where to hit it. Each tank will have a red fuel cap that you can shoot to destroy it, but some will be on the rear, and some on the side. The first tank you encounter will be during mission 2, Schoneberg Convoy, and will have the fuel tanks on the rear. Simply get to the rear or side of the tank and snipe the red cap to make it explode.

Get Off The Ground

15 Points/Bronze Trophy

Kill everyone in the convoy from ground level, except for Kreidl

In mission 2, Schoneberg Convoy, near the end you will need to plant charges and then get to a vantage point to snipe Kreidl. Once you do, head down to the street and finish off the rest of the enemies. Once they are all dead, this will pop.

Go the Distance

20 Points/Silver Trophy

Get a cumulative sniped kill distance of a marathon

To get this, you will need to snipe enough distance to cover 42,000 Kilometers. You should be able to get this before you get to the end of the game as long as you make many kills from long distances.

Gold Rush

50 Points/Silver Trophy

Find and retrieve all the stolen gold bars

There are 100 gold bars that are spread out through the game. Each level, minus the first, has ten bars each. The bar can be tricky to find, but with a little eagle eyed attention, you'll be able to find each. There is also a total count on the pause screen to see how many you have found and how many you are missing for the particular mission you are on.

Gung Ho

20 Points/Silver Trophy

Snipe 100 moving targets

This can be a little tricky as sometimes when you snipe enemies that are moving, it doesn’t count them as moving. Watch for the description of the kill to come up as a moving target to make sure it counts. Once you hit 100, this is all yours. Places such as the corridors in the command center of the eighth mission and the German Assault during the first mission are good places to get numerous moving kills. You can kill the enemies and reload the checkpoint to get more if you find another place that works for you.

Head Honcho 

20 Points/Silver Trophy

Get 100 sniped headshots

You will likely get this by the end of the game because getting headshots is so damn fun. Simply shoot 100 heads and this will pop. Kinda like the 100 heads.

Hide and Hope

50 Points/Bronze Trophy

Complete a level without being shot a single time

This can be very tricky, but with a lot of patience and use of cover to your advantage, you can pull this off. The first mission is the easiest level to get this achievement/trophy. If you do get hit, reload the last checkpoint and go from there. The last stand off is the toughest place, but shooting the fuel tanks around the area helps, as well as some rapid popping out of cover and firing as quick as you can.

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