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Sniper Elite V2 achievement guide

Double Dose

20 Points/Bronze Trophy

Snipe 2 people with one shot

There are many, many times throughout the game that you will be able to get this. When there are many enemies in tight corridors, they tend to line up one behind another quite often. You don’t need to do anything fancy like getting both in a headshot, so just fire a regular shot that goes through two bodies will get you this.

Ear Plugs

10 Points/Bronze Trophy

Snipe an enemy while your rifle fire is masked by a loud sound

When you reach the third mission, Mittelwerk Facility, this is the first time that you’ll be introduced to the ability to mask your shots with environmental noises. Walk up to the first rock and wait for the PA system to blare. When it does, take out the guard in the tower to the left while the sound icon is still on screen in the upper right corner.

Expert Sniper

20 Points/Bronze Trophy

Eliminate Müller

This is story related and will be received at the end of mission 7, Tiegarten Flak Tower.

Feared Sniper

20 Points/Bronze Trophy

Destroy the V2 rocket

This is story related and will be received at the end of mission 10, Kopenick Launch site.

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